>> Monday, September 25, 2006

The Triad edition of News 14 Carolina is alive and active this morning. Welcome to all of you up in that part of the great state of North Carolina. Get ready for news and weather coverage like you haven't experienced before!

Not much time for posting last weekend...Saturday I was doing the AM and midday shifts for Charlotte and dry runs at those time periods for the Triad....lots of weather hits! Yesterday, my duties were just confined to the Charlotte side of things, but I got a little under the weather as the day progressed.

Congrats to the Panthers on a much-needed win yesterday. Also, congrats to my Mississippi State Bulldogs for also checking in Saturday with a much-needed win.

Enjoy the nice fall weather this week....looks nice! Gotta head on out the door this morning to our pre-natal appointment...heading down the home stretch now.


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