>> Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Beautiful Wednesday evening in progress out there with temps easing into the 60s and pleasant humidity values. A little pocket of 700mb moisture passed overhead today, and that created some rather stubborn cloudcover in many spots.

Saturday morning still looks like the coldest morning so far this season with lows well down into the 40s. The mountains should see a frost, and some mountain locations could even see a freeze.

It really looks like we have settled into at least fairly comfortable weather for a while, and I am getting the idea we may be finished for the year with any significant heat.

Those of you that tuned into the Triad version of News 14 Carolina got to see me on your airwaves for the first time today. I was on from 11:00am until 5pm. Monte has taken over on-air duties this evening. I will be holding down the same time period again tomorrow in the Triad. On the Charlotte side, I will also be handling the 11-5 on-air duties, and then I am to the early morning shift Friday.

Letting the food digest some right now. We just got through eating what I think might have been the biggest baked potatoes I have ever seen. And, after leftover chicken parmesan for lunch, I am a bit stuffed.

Everyone have a great evening. Enjoy the weather....it is nove out there right now!


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