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>> Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I am back in the saddle today. First off, there is the little complex of showers entering South Carolina that, if it holds together, is moving right eastern sections of the viewing area.

Will be interesting to watch that over the news few hours.

Lots of beneficial rains over the last few days...CLT's rain deficit for the year is now under 5 inches....very ncie turn-around there.

Much drier pattern ahead for the next several days. Saturday looks to feature some showers and storms, but aside from that (and isolated storms this afternoon), the next 5-6 days will be much drier.

July 4th...
Frontal boundary will try to ease in here from the north next Tuesday and Wednesday. Here is the 6z GFS surface map for 8am next Wednesday.

If this general idea is correct, Tuesday and Wednesday will feature chances for at least some scattered showers and storms. At this point, I am leaning more toward Wednesday for the more widerpead activity, but we shall see. Here is the HPC's may for 8am Wednesday...

We are still watching a tropical wave that is approaching the Lesser Antilles today. It looks like the Canadian model wants to develop some sort of system near the Bahamas this weekend. But at this point, none of the other models I have scanned this morning indicate much happening the rest of this week. But, as always, we will keep an eye out on it.

I was able to get a little work done outside yesterday evening, but boy, let me tell you....there were enough mosquitoes to pick you up and carry you off. At least around our house, the bug spray is an evening necessity. The grass was still too wet to cut yesterday evening, but it is reaching the must-cut stage...I am sure my neighbors agree!


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