Soggy Conditions Ahead

>> Sunday, June 25, 2006

Quick post here as I am going through the final preparations for the start of my on-air block.

Lots of rain and some storms continue to spread into the viewing area as tropical moisture increases from the southeast. Look for fairly widespread areas of rain and storms this evening, then areas of showers overnight.

I think we are in for periods of rain with some embedded storms Monday, Monday night, and a good chunk of Tuesday as well. Certainly, heavy rain amounts could become a problem, and a flash flood watch is now out for every county in the viewing area through Tuesday morning.

Did you notice how blue the sky was today? When pure tropical airmasses like this get pulled in here straight from the tropics, they bring with them very clean tropical air. So, whenever we happen to have some breaks in the clouds the next couple of days, check out that beautiful sky. Also, breathe deeply and enjoy the break from bad air quality for a few days!


Tarheelhombre 9:25 PM  

Wow, that's interesting. I usually had thought of humid tropical air as the culprit for bad, smoggy summer air quality. But maybe its the dry southwest flow that is more the source of smog. I know the Canadian air masses and backdoor cold front tend to bring the crispest skies of all though.

Matthew East 12:39 PM  

I will try to post later today or tomorrow explaining this a bit further....

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