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>> Friday, June 30, 2006

First of all, I had a ton of fun at the t-ball game yesterday evening. Those kids are so much fun to be around, and I had a blast.

After we got home, we are sitting in our living room when I start hearing a strange noise. I walk around, investigate the noise, and finally trace the noise back to its source: the furnace. After spending a bit of time (at 11:30pm, by the way) diagnosing the problem, I find what it is.....the blower is not turning....just humming. Not good, because I now know we have no air conditioning. Thankfully, just the blower motor had burned up, so after a replacement of that, we are now back in business.

On to the really was a pretty nice day today. Highs were only in the mid 80s in a number of locations, and humidity values were low for this time of year....all in all, a pretty good late June day.

Dry weather looks to hold through the weekend and Monday. Actually, our in-house computer modelling is indicating the chance for a shower or storm tomorrow afternoon over western sections of the viewing area, but I don't think that is very likely.

Heat will build over the next few days....low 90s tomorrow, low to mid 90s Sunday, mid 90s Monday. Also, it will be more muggy by Sunday and Monday.

I am now pretty confident with the forecast for next week. Actually, the forecast ideas are basically unchanged from previous forecast packages. The Fourth will probably feature some widely scattered showers or storms, but I still think most fireworks displays will be OK. As a frontal boundary edges in here from the north, afternoon storms look like a good bet Wednesday with widespread shower and storm chances Thursday.

Interesting to watch the blow-up of storms in the western Gulf. I think the overall prospects for tropical development there are fairly small, but still, it is something that has caught my eye, and we will watch it over the weekend.

Also, an area of showers and storms remains east of the Bahamas this evening. Actually, satellite imagery shows some healthy outflow from that area, but no immediate development is likely. Again, we will watch it over the weekend.

Everyone have a great weekend. I will be in my normal weekend evening slot Saturday and Sunday....


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