Wedge still with us this morning...

>> Monday, September 17, 2012

Interesting weather day across the region yesterday. Many Piedmont and foothill locations had 60s for highs with clouds and some showers. This was due to one of our cold air damming scenarios being in play.

That wedge will slowly erode today, but we are only talking 70s for highs with clouds and some showers at times.

We will have a cold front as well as an area of low pressure near the Gulf coast play a part in our weather over the next 48 hours. As those features approach late tonight, the coverage of showers and storms should increase from the west. Tomorrow then looks unsettled with good chances of showers and storms at times. A few storms could be severe as well.

Some model discrepancies then arise for Wednesday. As the low then rides up the Atlantic coast, we could very well wind up with lots of lingering clouds and some showers. If that's the case, many spots could again have some 60s for highs.

Drier weather later this week....please see today's video for lots more on all of this...


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