Still quiet today, but some subtle changes...

>> Friday, September 14, 2012

Here's today's video:

It will be a touch warmer and muggier today compared to recent days as a cold front approaches from the northwest. That front will then stall out over South Carolina this weekend.

A bit of isentropic lifting (moisture riding up and over the front) will then begin to take place as we get toward Saturday night and Sunday, leading to more clouds as well as the chances of some showers, especially in the mountains and foothills.

We will then have two separate systems move our way early next work week. One piece of energy, in the southern branch, will bring some rain and storm chances later Monday and Monday night. Then a sharp cold front will slide through by Tuesday night, bringing additional shower and storm chances.

A healthy shot of chilly air will plunge into the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Tennessee Valley behind that front, but how much of that cooler air will settle into our side of the mountains remains debatable.


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