Quiet weather...arctic blast next week...

>> Thursday, December 29, 2011

Docile weather will be the rule for the next several days. Highs today will be in the 50s with upper 50s and likely a lot of lower 60s tomorrow through the New Year's weekend.

A couple of clippers will drop through over the next couple of days, but outside of maybe a quick shot of some mountain snow tomorrow night, they will pass through in dry fashion.

Arctic blast...

What will easily be the coldest airmass so far this season will arrive next week. The arctic front will move through Sunday night or Monday morning, and that arctic air will plunge in here Monday.

The European and Canadian models are still a little colder than the GFS with this, but the bottom line is it looks cold. Many foothills and piedmont spots look to have highs in the 30s Tuesday and Wednesday, and I fully anticipate a number of spots heading toward the teens for lows by Tuesday and/or Wednesday morning.

As for wintry precip chances? Nothing much to hang your hat on right now. We remain in an energetic flow pattern, and at some point, we will likely see one of these disturbances amplify in the right fashion to give some wintry precip chances. But nothing definitive yet.


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