Another intense system today...

>> Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Above is today's edition of the video....give it a look.

Another intense and moisture-packed storm system is moving through the region today. Rain will continue with us at times, and the wind will become a factor as we get deeper into the day. Winds could gust over 30mph at times, and with a saturated ground, some trees could topple.

There is a threat of severe weather today in the coastal plain, and that severe weather potential might try to pull back closer to the I-85 corridor by early this afternoon as well. However, I think most of the Charlotte and Triad viewing regions will likely see the severe threat stay to the east.

Tomorrow will be a pretty chilly day with sun and Piedmont highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s.

The weather will stay pretty docile then into the New Year's weekend.

Next week...

The European model goes nuts with the storm system pulling into the region early next week and cranks a significant storm system that brings snow to parts of the western and central Carolinas up through the Northeast. The GFS and Canadian are much more benign, just indicating a frontal passage.

At this point, while possible, I think the Euro solution is the extreme and not terribly likely to verify. However, it definitely bears watching.

In the longer term, there continue to be some indications that we are heading toward a more cold pattern in the eastern US as we get deeper into January. But that's not set in stone yet.


DoubleJ 3:02 PM  

Glad to see the Euro sticking with a potential winter hit next week for the Carolinas. I would like to see the GFS grasp this concept too, but if only one of them were advertising it, I'd much rather it be the Euro. At least now some snow lovers like myself can get a little excited. Hope this will be a trend for the rest of winter. Thanks Matthew.

Anonymous 9:28 PM  

I've been keeping up with Frank Strait's blog on also and he is saying something similar along the line to what you are saying. If two or more mets are in agreement, at least, that ought be a good sign for snow lovers. : )

Matthew East 5:10 AM  

Thanks for checking in!

Yeah, the GFS still appears lost with the depth of the trough next week. However, the European model has lost the storm system for the Carolinas with it's 0z run.

Like I mentioned yesterday, it would take a lot of pieces falling together in exactly the right way for those Euro solutions to work, and it didn't happen with the 0z Euro today.

DoubleJ 12:44 PM  

Thanks Matthew, while disappointing, it was so far out that it really isn't a big deal. I just hope its a sign of a pattern change and we do get some runs at winter weather before the season is over.

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