Another shot of rain today...changes ahead...

>> Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video. In it, I discuss some additional rain moving through the region today, some milder, drier weather beginning tomorrow, and take a look at next week.


Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 6:27 AM  

Hey Matt-

Good stuff as always. I just wanted to check in and say thanks for putting these videos up each morning. I continue to watch faithfully each morning, but I have less to comment on now that the excitement of snow potential is no longer really in the picture. It's time for severe storm season, though, so hopefully that will provide some spring excitement.

Anonymous 4:00 PM  

Where was this storm track a month ago!!???!! haha

Matthew East 4:15 PM  

Jonathan...I appreciate you watching! Yeah, all different kinds of weather can get my blood pumping...we will have exciting things to discuss.

Anon....I know! Would have had quite a finish to the season.

Gastonwxman 4:37 PM  

Did you see the 12z Canadian run today at the 120hr.? It really smacks down a great deal of precipitation from the Ohio Valley all the way to southeastern OK!

Matthew East 6:20 PM  

Yes it does....widespread 1.5-2"+ amounts in a 12 hour span...impressive for 120 hours on a global model.

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