Getting milder again...

>> Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video.


Anonymous 6:33 AM  


For us weather nerds, cold air without snow means winter is over. Might as well be warm so we can at least look forward to thunderstoms! Thanks for all you do! I am going to try my best to follow the blog over the summer this year to learn. I usually just pick up in the winter to check for snow. Although, hot, dry, drought, does not sound like much fun to pay attention to this year :)



Anonymous 12:07 PM  

Chuck, I agree with you, while for now snow looks out of the question, who knows what March may bring. Also I am with you 100% on thunderstorms I love them and cant wait until them pop up summer evening storms.


Matthew East 1:25 PM  

Chuck and Nic....I love thunderstorms...and tropical weather too, for that matter. So, I will definitely keep the blog hopping all warm season. Keep reading!!

Chris Enloe 5:32 PM  

Next Tuesday morning, has a little potential..

Anonymous 10:15 PM  

When you say potential for next Tuesday morning, do you mean snow or thunderstorm?

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