Cooler today

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After a warm and breezy Monday, highs today will be 10-15 degrees cooler, and not as breezy. Here is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video...

Many highs hit the lower 70s yesterday across the region. The reason highs soared above most forecasts is dowsloping winds. I mentioned yesterday morning that this could be an issue, and indeed it was.

Wildfires also became a problem in several locations...but winds today will be much lighter.

Highs today will be 10-15 degrees cooler than yesterday for most. We will see sunshine with high clouds. Upper 50s and lower 60s are on tap tomorrow.

Highs will warm well up into the 60s again this weekend with 70s again Friday.

A bit of a cool-down for the weekend with some low to mid 60s.


We could really use some good, soaking rains. Unfortunately, I see little chance of that for the next week or so. A couple of systems will scoot by to our north, but nothing that will bring any good rains.


Anonymous 6:58 PM  


Can we throw in the towel for winter 2011 yet? I believe we are in for an early spring.


Anonymous 12:15 AM  

Don't say that JUST YET... remember the snowstorm we had here in March last year? I think we got like 4 inches before temp shot to 70s for high a week later. I don't believe winter is over YET.

Matthew East 5:16 AM  

I don't know about additional snow chances, but I don't think we have seen the last of the cold air.

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