Here comes the heat....

>> Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The dog days of summer are settling into the region, and heat and humidity will be the most significant weather stories around here for the next five or six days.

This is classic summer stuff, although temperatures will run above average. Highs today through Thursday will largely be in the mid 90s, then some upper 90s look possible Friday and Saturday. Some spots will likely hit 100 at some point later this week. Lows will only drop into the mid 70s.

Regarding rain chances, each day will feature the chance of some isolated afternoon and early evening storms, but the chance of rain in any one spot each day will be relatively small.

Not only will it be hot through the rest of the week, it will also be quite muggy. Please check on anybody that doesn't have access to air conditioning. If you have to spend extended periods of time outside, take frequent breaks, preferably in air conditioning, and be sure and drink plenty of water.


The tropical wave near Puerto Rico is showing a little better organization this morning, and some slow development is possible. A general west-northwest track will continue.


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