Dangerous heat and humidity

>> Friday, July 23, 2010

The heat and humidity march on today through the weekend with lots of highs in the upper 90s. When you factor in the high levels of humidity, the heat index values will range in the 102-108 degree range this afternoon, tomorrow afternoon, and Sunday afternoon.

This is dangerous type of heat, and you need to take special care to remain hydrated and take frequent breaks to cool off if you must be outside for extended periods of time. Please check on anybody that does not have air conditioning, and remember your pets need shade and cool water if they must be left outside.

The Triad area saw a little bit of rain early this morning, but the coverage of storms this afternoon will only be isolated at best. Same deal tomorrow.

A front will begin to approach Sunday, and the chance of some afternoon and evening storms Sunday will be a little better. That front will then stall out around the region Monday and likely give us a good coverage of scattered storms Monday and Tuesday.

There are some signs of a pattern change to some cooler weather a week or so from now.....I would take it!


Tropical Storm Bonnie continues to battle hostile upper level winds, and there is some chance the system could degenerate into a tropical wave again. However, the official NHC forecast calls for Bonnie to maintain tropical storm status as it moves across south Florida today and into the northern Gulf coast over the weekend.

The bottom line here is that I think the upper end potential for Bonnie is pretty low due to the hostile upper level winds.


Anonymous 9:54 AM  

So you don't think Bonnie will strengthen much further than what it is now? I suppose that's good news for those people dealing with the cleaning up and spill at the Gulf?


Matthew East 1:32 PM  


No, I don't think the shear will allow for it to strengthen much at all...

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