>> Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scattered strong and severe storms were around the region yesterday afternoon and well into the night in some spots. If you were one of the many spots that missed out on the rain yesterday, hang on....plenty more storms are on the way.

Look for a healthy coverage of scattered showers and storms to fire off this afternoon. Just like yesterday, the storms will be vivid lightning producers in addition to heavy rain, hail, and wind potential.

As upper level energy approaches later tonight (see below), I expect the coverage of rain and storms to actually increase as we get deeper into the overnight hours. So, odds are we will have a healthy area of activity around the area later tonight and through tomorrow morning.

The opportunity for at least scattered showers and storms will linger through tomorrow.

Remember, any storms that fire could be severe with hail and wind potential. Also, this is a summertime airmass, so lightning will be prevalent. If you are close enough to a storm to hear thunder, you are close enough to get struck by lightning. So, at the first clap of thunder, take your plans indoors.

I will be in the weather office dark and early in the post and video in the morning if the weather allows....


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