Warmth builds...

>> Monday, June 01, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video.

The weather over the weekend was pretty nice with lots of sun and warm afternoon temps. I especially enjoyed Saturday morning...man, that was nice!

Today we will again see lots of sunshine with highs in the mid to upper 80s around the Piedmont. A few isolated storms can't be ruled out, especially just to the south and east of the Charlotte region.

The heat will really crank tomorrow and Wednesday with lows 90s for highs.

A cold front, currently well off to our northwest, will gradually sag in here later this week. That will likely lead to good chances for showers and storms Thursday and Friday. Some modeling is indicating Friday as a rainy, relatively chilly kind of day.

For the weekend, the best chances of showers and storms will begin to shift east of the region.

On another note, we are not huge drinkers of carbonated beverages....I like them, but normally we go with tea or water at home. At any rate, I want to mention that Pepsi Throwback is quite good. It is made with natural sugar instead of corn syrup, and it has a great, natural taste to it.

No, I am not getting anything out of PepsiCo for this....just wanted to share what I thought was a good product. They are only planning on distributing this product for a limited time, so give it a look....


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