Another warm one...

>> Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video.

Such a tragedy with Air France 447. My prayers are with the families and friends impacted. Tropical thunderstorms likely played at least some role in the cause of the crash...for an excellent write-up about the specific weather conditions the flight encountered, read this article.

Today will be another warm and steamy day with Piedmont highs in the upper 80s to lower 90s once again. Just like yesterday, a handful of isolated showers or storms will likely fire this afternoon, but the chance of rain in any one spot today remains very small.

However, a frontal zone, which has been a focus for lots of shower and storm activity this week off to our north, will finally slide into our area tomorrow. That will result in a good chance of showers and storms tomorrow, and I can't rule out a couple of strong to severe storms.

It looks like that front will push just to our south by Friday as a low pressure slides along it. That will result in good rain chances Friday along with cooler temps.

The weekend forecast is still a bit uncertain, but it looks like the widespread rain and storm chances will try to push east of here as highs return to the 80s.

The first few days of next work week look warm and humid with a chance of some scattered PM storms.


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