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>> Friday, January 02, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video.....give it a look.

Some light precip is working through the region this morning. Light rain will mix with some sleet pellets or snow flakes in some spots, but none of this will be a big deal due to the very light nature of the precipitation.

**Edit to add that the GSP NWS has hoisted a Winter Weather Advisory. A few slick spots are possible on roads, but this is not a huge event.**

Our next system will roll through Sunday and bring some rain chances. Then, the next system, a more significant one, will roll through Tuesday. There remain a ton of question marks with that system, and frankly, the computer models are still all over the place with their handling of it. The European models continues to show an all-rain scenario. However, the GFS has been trending a bit colder with the system the past few runs, and taken verbatim, the 6z GFS shows wintry precip for much of the western Carolinas, at least for a period Tuesday morning.

So, no real changes here on this system. There remains at least some chance of at least a little bit of wintry precip with that system, but how great a chance that is, I just don't know yet. We will see....


Anonymous 8:14 AM  

our friend or in some cases enemy gfs is now going back to a wintry trend for tuesday. i have noticed like you said matthew its getting colder the last few runs maybe that will keep up. we can always hope..

Anonymous 8:18 AM  

Ahaha, the NWS issued a winter wx advisory.

that's a little much I think.

Anonymous 9:04 AM  

The GFS is a big TEASE!! I have no doubt we're going to be all rain at this point. The GFS flip flops more than Jimmy Buffet.... then loses it. European has been consistent for 2 days now. The 6th event is not the path we want. We need a LOW going to our south over the FL panhandle. This storm takes the LOW straight north to the Great Lakes. Until then I don't think we get any snow.


Burgertime 9:27 AM  

ROTFL at winter wx advisory for us! looks like a FAIL for the NWS but I guess you have to be safe eh?

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