>> Monday, December 29, 2008

This morning, we have clouds and some showers lingering around the region. However, sunshine will return by this afternoon, and we will have a regular old sunny day for tomorrow....will be a nice site.

Temps will be pretty mild today and tomorrow with some lower 60s in place. However, a colder airmass moves in by Wednesday, and New Year's Day looks chilly with highs in the mid 40s at best. Lows for the first morning of 2009 will be way down in the 20s. Some snow showers will likely occur up in the High Country by Wednesday morning as well.

We are keeping an eye on Friday. Our next system will approach, and we will have a chilly and dry airmass in place Friday morning. If the rain arrives early Friday, then we might see a brief period of freezing rain Friday morning. It does not look like a huge deal right now, but we will watch it.

I am getting pretty confident that we will see a big-time arctic blast of air arrive by around the 8th or 9th, and the mid-month period looks pretty cold as a whole across the eastern US.


Anonymous 8:21 AM  

Snow .5" on Friday, January 2nd (I wish) with it changing over to light freezing rain THEN rain. For a better chance, I will say January 10-11 with 4".

Anonymous 12:36 PM  

It seems there's a consensus that for the next 2-3 weeks we're going into a REALLY COLD period. However is this one of the cold periods that for some climatological reason will deter storm systems in the south east?

Basically I guess I'm inquiring on whether this cold snap has a higher than normal likelihood of being cold and dry. Thanks!


junior weather man 3:20 PM  

does the colder air mean snow?? do you see any chances in the near future for snow? please reply
thanks, brian

Burgertime 8:27 PM  

Matt please make us promises you can't keep! By that I mean snow.

Matthew East 4:58 AM  

Brad....tough to say exactly how this cold pattern will evolve. I am thinking it will be a cold pattern with occasional chances of storm systems, but we will see.

Brian, I do see the opportunities for snow chances to develop as January unfolds, but nothing concrete to hang our hats on yet.

Burger....I am trying my best!

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