Wednesday Evening....

>> Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A few quick notes....

1. It was a nice morning this morning with lows way down into the 60s area-wide. I noticed how nice it felt when taking the garbage to the street. The normal mugginess of July mornings was replaced with a nice, comfortable feel to the air. I think lows tonight will again be well down into the 60s.

2. There is a tropical disturbance near the Florida Panhandle that will lift northward over the next few days. See the sat image below. It looks like that will spread in some nice rain chances for us Friday and Saturday. Let's keep hope alive.

3. There is a well-defined tropical wave affecting the eastern Caribbean Islands today. A recon plane is investigating the system now, and this could become a tropical depression relatively soon. This system has Yucatan tropical system written all over it.


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