Thursday Evening...

>> Thursday, July 17, 2008

It looks like we will not see the NHC classify any of the tropical disturbances out there this evening with the 11pm update period.....based on their wording in the 8pm discussion. We will talk more about our 'home-grown' system tomorrow.

And a quick story for you....I was out with Jayden (my oldest daughter, 5 years old) earlier this week at a function that really required a lot of relative quiet and good behavior. She really did quite well, but as we were walking from one room to another, I reached for her to hold my hand, and she wouldn't do it....gave me that "I'm big enough to not need you to direct me" look. When we got in a more private place, before we headed into the next room, I leaned down and told her sternly "In the future, when I tell you to hold my hand, you do it. OK?" She shook her head in understanding, and then said "Daddy, is the future in that room?"


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