Time Flies....

>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

It is cliche, but true. And it only seems to get faster with each passing day. Today was my oldest daughter's final day of preschool. Unbelievable. It really only seems like yesterday that I was laying next to my wife in the hospital bed and had this tiny little frog-looking thing laying on my chest. That was just the beginning of this next, wonderful chapter of my life that we continue in today.

Our little Jayden is not so little anymore. She is a full-fledged kid, riding a bike and singing in the kids' choir at church.

And she is not alone. Little Grace is now 3 years old. She is on the same t-ball team as Jayden, she loves driving around her little motorized Barbie Jeep, and she will start preschool in August.

And then there is Julianna....our little baby is about 19 months old now....walking, talking, doing everything (or at least thinking she can) her sisters are doing.

Time really does fly. And I know that it will feel like a blink of an eye before we are getting drivers licenses, moving into college dorms, and planning weddings.

As I sat in the car and watched Jayden head into school this morning, it all just kinda hit me. It really all happens so quickly.

So, I just continue to thank God for a wonderful, healthy, happy family.....and I will continue to cherish all of these moments.....


Anonymous 12:39 AM  

Yes Matthew...time DOES fly at times so very fast. Before you know it, that tiny little one that filled up your heart has quickly grown through all those stages you described and the circle of life continues.....
Your "baby" now has her, or his, own family and you will discover that God has opened up a huge place in your heart that you never realized was there to fill. Again a little "frog-like creature" will look up at you and this time you will see with the eyes and heart tugs of being Grandpa ...or Grandma.
Who knows, one of them might even grow up to be totally drawn to the world of weather.....

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