Severe threat today...

>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is the second day of my 'weekend,' but I wanted to put up a quick post regarding today's severe weather potential.

This morning, some showers and storms are racing off of the coast into the Virginia tidewaters. In the wake of that activity, all will likely be pretty quiet through the morning hours.

A cold front will drop in here later today and kick off some showers and storms as we head through the afternoon. It looks like enough severe weather parameters will be in place for a risk of some severe storms, with the threat likely getting greater as you head into eastern North Carolina and down through South Carolina.

It looks like damaging winds will be the biggest severe weather threat, although large hail is definitely quite possible, and an isolated tornado can't be ruled out.

So, keep it tuned to News 14 Carolina through the always, we will be there keeping you completely up to date.


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