Thursday Afternoon

>> Thursday, May 31, 2007

Warm weather continues this afternoon and will continue tomorrow as well. There have been some showers and storms in the mountains, but they should mainly stay west of the Charlotte and Triad regions this evening. I do think a few isolated afternoon storms are possible tomorrow afternoon, especially in the Triad, but the rain chance in any one spot is small.

We are continuing to watch development in the southern Gulf and Yucatan Channel. I still think some sort of tropical-type system will develop over the next 24-48 hours. As for eventual track, the NAM continues to paint the western-most solution taking the low into the western Carolinas. That solution gives the Charlotte and Triad regions a soaking rain Sunday. However, most other modelling is farther east with the track.

I reserve the right to change this outlook if/when a possible center develops, but as of now, I still like the idea of a track very close to the Carolina coast Sunday. If that is correct, expect wet and breezy conditions at the beach Saturday night through Sunday night as well as rip currents and some high surf. If the coastal track is correct, we would only see scattered showers and storms around here Sunday.

Stay tuned.....


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