Cloudcover saves the day

>> Saturday, July 29, 2006

It looks like the clouds that rolled in prevented us from seeing severe weather problems this afternoon. Instead, we saw an area of light to moderate rain shift through parts of Cleveland, Gaston, York, Mecklenburg, and Union counties. The severe weather problems are occurring to our south and east, where the sun remained out longer today.

Lots of heat coming early in the week. Mid to even upper 90s a good bet beginning Monday and lasting through at least mid-week. No relief in sight until a cold front nears us late in the week and next weekend and gives us good shower and thunderstorm chances.

The tropical wave out in the Atlantic has lost most of its shower and thunderstorm activity today, so it looks like any development will be very slow to occur.

The wave in the Caribbean is still experiencing hostile upper level winds, so no immediate development is likely there as well. However, if that tropical wave gets into the Gulf next week, it could possibly develop into something. So, we will keep watching all of this....


Anonymous 9:42 PM  

Hey Matthew. Thanks for the updates today. Keep on showing the model runs and what you look for on them. They are very informative and help all of us know what you look for. Keep up the good work!

Matthew East 9:27 PM  

No problem. I will try my best to continue to show some model data and such as the blog rolls along. Thanks for reading!

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