Coldest stretch of the winter is here

>> Tuesday, February 09, 2016

By any measure you choose to use, be it actual air temperatures or temperature deviations from average, the 6-day period starting today and ending Monday are the coldest of the winter. Highs will make it to around 40 or so today, but gusty winds will make it feel colder than that. Lows drop into the low and mid 20s tonight, and then I expect upper 30s for many of our highs tomorrow through Friday.

An even colder blast of air arrives for the weekend, and I still expect some 20s for highs Sunday and potentially some single digit lows for some of us Sunday morning. 

I began mentioning the possibility of a storm system February 15-17 back around February 1, and I continue to stick with that idea. Right now, it looks like any potential storm system would be centered around Monday.

Please see today's video for all of the details:


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