Unsettled Wednesday Weather

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Plus, cooler temps for the new year and a look at the long range much deeper into January included in today's video:


Mark Bryson 9:55 PM  

We had a very unsettled Wednesday for sure. In Kings Mountain, NC (near Gaston County), we had a 3 inch storm total in a pretty short amount of time. Flooding quickly became and issue in our area. Several people had damage to homes and roads in the area were washed out. Ready for this warm and wet to leave! Glad to see on the long range a potential for colder weather! I can handle cold...even like cold and snowy....but not this!

Matthew East 4:56 AM  

Mark.... yikes! Yes, it has really been quite a turnaround since the big drought this summer. Rough situation with all of the flooding for sure.

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