Lots of summer weather on the way

>> Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Details in today's video:


Anonymous 6:26 PM  

Hi Matt - it looks like we are in for summer-like heat for the next few days and first day of summer hasn't arrived yet. What is your prediction as for rest of this month or the summer? Do you foresee the current heat wave to lose grip some time down the road?

Matthew East 6:05 AM  

I doubt this pattern holds through the summer. In fact, we might look back and consider ourselves fortunate that the upcoming pattern occurred in June as opposed to July or early August!

Anonymous 3:58 PM  

So then are you saying our current heat wave is for this month only? Are you saying that things are looking towards cooler side in July and August?

Matthew East 5:51 AM  

Nothing certain, but typically the pattern will not hold for multiple months. We will see!

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