Winter Storm Headed In Tonight

>> Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Please take time to watch today's video... it will answer a lot of your questions.

A challenging winter storm forecast this morning.... an area of low pressure will take a pretty classic Carolina snowstorm track today and tonight....near the FL Panhandle this evening to near the Carolina coast tomorrow morning. This will spread a shield of snow from NE Texas this morning, across north MS, north AL, TN, and then into parts of the Carolinas this evening and tonight.

As is typically the case in this type of event, there will be a sharp rain-snow line, and areas near and just north of the rain/snow line will likely have the heaviest rates of snow and highest snow totals. There are indications on some of the modeling of slightly warmer air aloft working in from eastern sections of the Charlotte viewing area up toward southern parts of the Triangle viewing area, and I show that in today's video.

There are also indications of mesoscale banding with some heavy rates of snow possible just north of that rain/snow line, so a very tight gradient of snow totals looks likely. If this small-scale banding set up, some areas will likely exceed the snow totals on the map below. This is most likely in the pink shaded area.

Here are my accumulation thoughts as of now, subject to adjustment.

Regionally.... very tricky for Birmingham, Atlanta, Columbia, and Sandhills areas especially.


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