Cool and quiet... suppressed system tomorrow night-Thursday...

>> Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Details in today's video:


Anonymous 6:24 PM  

Hi Matt - I wonder what's the main difference between this winter vs. last winter? Last winter, it seems that we had some pretty decent snows and much colder pattern. This winter so far it's been cold but dry then when moisture comes in, it gets too warm. Hope we can get some snow in the next few weeks so snow fans won't be disappointed and before it starts getting warm for the spring!

Matthew East 6:04 AM  

The lack of high-latitude blocking and a fast Pacific flow has been the 'problem' in developing a pattern favorable to Southeast snows.

Anonymous 9:59 PM  

Do you see a break in that pattern soon or are we stuck in it for while?

Matthew East 6:04 AM  

Looks chilly for a good portion of February, but still no signs of an overly storm pattern.

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