Another cloudy, cool, damp day today... great weather later this week...

>> Monday, August 11, 2014

The heavy rain potential never materialized over the weekend across much of the NC piedmont. However, many spots in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina did see some significant rain totals. See the video for more. 

It was indeed a cool weekend though for many in the region. I show you the weekend highs in the video as well.

Our weather setup remains essentially unchanged from what we had in place over the weekend. Look for a continued cloudy sky through the day with some rain at times. Highs will be in the mid to upper 70s for most.

We will warm up more tomorrow just ahead of an incoming cold front, and due to higher levels of instability, some thunderstorms look like a possibility. 

Behind that incoming cold front, a much drier airmass will begin to settle in for Wednesday. Actually at this point, the forecast is looking extremely nice Wednesday on through the upcoming weekend.

Here's the video:


Anonymous 11:44 PM  

How is it possible that all the local weather outlets blew the forecast so bad over the weekend? In Huntersville I prepared by building a boat and catching 2 of every animal, yet we barely had two rounds of sprinkles. I understand being off a little now and then, but to tell people to count on 3" to 6" of accumulation with flooding, who then don't get enough water, well that's not great.

Matthew East 5:44 AM  

The forecast for heavy rains was a bust, no doubt. Now I don't know where you heard 3-6", but it wasn't from me.

The setup for heavy rains in our part of NC just didn't pan out. Much of SC did receive the 1-3" I had mentioned, as well as eastern NC. However, there wasn't enough lift in the wedge airmass we had in place to get lots of rain. Tons of clouds and mainly light rain, yes. Heavy rains?

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