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>> Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I had a great time last evening out at Charlotte Motor Speedway at the annual school bus race...part of the Media Mayhem series.

It was a crazy race. I started from the second position:

One person carried too much speed into turns 1/2 early in the race and flipped his bus over. Then another bus appeared to have their radiator explode with fluids spilling all over the track.

After the cleanup, we re-started the race. That's me nearest to the camera.

I was running pretty well....generally 2nd or 3rd the whole time.

Then, another caution.... this time, to invert the first 4 buses for the final run to the finish.

For that restart, I lined up 3rd and quickly settled into second by the end of turn 1/2. With 3 laps to go, I was right there where I wanted to be. I swing down low into turn 3/4 to try and make a run for the lead, and then it happened.

Somebody slammed my rear end and I knew immediately it was over. In what seemed like only a second, the bus slams over on its side and quickly stops as it digs into the grass outside turn 3/4. The person that hit me then immediately saw his bus catch on fire from the impact.

A disappointing finish to what I felt was going to be a good chance to win.

I want to thank all of the fine folks out at Charlotte Motor Speedway for again allowing me the chance to participate in this fun event. I hope we put on a good show for the folks in the stands.


Anonymous 2:11 PM  

love the artwork on the bus!

Matthew East 5:47 PM  

Hahaha..... the wife and kiddoes were the artists there...

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