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>> Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Kenny Egri is a News 14 Carolina weather intern this semester. Kenny is finishing up is bachelor's degree in the meteorology program and UNC Charlotte. 

I will be posting his discussion here from time to time this Fall. Here is his posting for today:

A classic Carolina wedge also commonly referred to as cold air damming is a phenomena in which colder air at the lower levels in the atmosphere get trapped, or "wedged" on the eastern side of the mountains.  While it is a little more involved than just this, as a general synopsis, this is what it is happening when we refer to a Carolina wedge.  Speaking of this wedge, it kept temperatures well below average yesterday with highs only reaching the lower 50s.  Today's forecast appears to be a little better in the way of high temperatures as the wedge slowly begins to erode allowing warmer air to return.  The biggest challenge with today's forecast is a
matter of timing which will ultimately affect overall temperatures.  Modeling suggests that clouds will break way by early afternoon allowing temperatures to reach the mid 60s across the region.  However,I think these models have taken a very aggressive approach to the situation across the region.  Looking at more current observations, I expect clouds will linger a little bit longer than models suggest and keep temperatures in the mid to upper 50s for the day.  Partly cloudy skies overnight tonight will only allow lows overnight to
falls into the upper 40s.  Tomorrow will be much warmer in the absence of the wedge with temperatures returning into the mid 70s before a weak cold front shifts through our area on Thursday,causing temperatures to drop slightly, but overall a beautiful week ahead.

Kenny Egri


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