Fairly hot today.... better shower/ storm chances ahead

>> Friday, August 31, 2012

Here is today's edition of the video....

The remnants of Isaac continue to lift north through the Ozarks and the Lower Mississippi Valley, and heavy rains will continue to impact that region and spread into parts of the Midwest and Ohio Valley through the weekend.

For our area, some isolated showers and storms can't be ruled out today, but a lot of us will be dry with highs in the lower 90s.

Better shower and storm chances will work in here this weekend, and the chances of showers and storms will likely peak Sunday and Monday.


The Atlantic Basin is very active. Kirk is a potent hurricane in the central Atlantic, however, it is re-curving north and northeast out to sea.

Leslie is the newest tropical system, but it too looks to curve to the north then northeast prior to threatening the US.


Lee 11:50 AM  

Hey Matthew,
Looking forward to following you again this winter as I am a snow lover!

Any early thoughts on the upcoming winter and will you be putting out your winter forecast soon??


12:34 PM  

Here's my Atheist weather prayer

Anonymous 2:36 AM  

In response to Lee's post:

I read online that there will be no snow drought in the Northeast this coming season; in fact, they may get pounded with lots of snow. However, that article only referred to the Northeast and did not reference any to where we are in Southeast US.

Matthew East 3:21 AM  

Hey guys...... thanks for checking in. I am beginning to form some Winter ideas.....I normally put the entire formal Winter forecast out in October. So not too long now!

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