Cold front moving in...

>> Friday, August 10, 2012

What a soaker last night! Many spots in the mountains, foothills, and western and southern Piedmont received over 1-2" of rain last night....nice, soaking rains.

Today, as a cold front approaches,we will likely see showers and storms firing this afternoon and into tonight. A few storms could produce some damaging winds, hail, and locally heavy rain.

The front will be slow to move through the area, so I will maintain the chance of some Piedmont scattered showers and storms tomorrow. However, much drier air should arrive for Sunday and Monday.


Ernesto continues to fall apart over Mexico.

T.D. 7 has formed out in the Atlantic, and this system will likely wind up in the Caribbean later this weekend. The system is surrounded by lots of dry air, and the upper level winds will likely become pretty hostile around the system this weekend. So, it's possible this could become Tropical Storm Gordon relatively soon, but I doubt in the short term that it can strengthen more than that.

See the video for much more....


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