Warm pattern...

>> Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here is today's edition of the video....

Highs will surge to near record levels across the region today with lots of low and mid 80s. A few select record highs today:

Greensboro: 82
Charlotte: 82
GSP: 84
Raleigh: 86

Highs will again head up into the low and mid 80s tomorrow afternoon.

This is really an early Summer type of pattern. In this type of setup, a few isolated PM showers or storms are possible both today and tomorrow, but most of us should stay dry.

A boundary drops into the region Friday and Saturday and will likely enhance the daily chance of a few storms.

Behind this boundary, highs will back off just a bit for early next week, but we will still likely be talking about highs 10-15 degrees above average.


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