Much colder today...

>> Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here's today's edition of the video....give it a look.

How about the thunderstorms yesterday evening? Many spots in the southern foothills, mountains, piedmont, and upstate saw some lightning and heard some thunder last evening. Then we had some showers through much of the night.

Now, a cold front has swept all of the shower activity out of the region, and today is a much colder day compared to the 60s we had yesterday. Daytime temps will run in the 40s today.

Lows tonight will drop well down into the 20s.

Our next significant system will arrive Friday night and Saturday. While temps will be chilly when the precip initially arrives, I expect this to be a liquid event.

Next week looks pretty active with one system around Monday then another system later in the work week. See the video for more on this.

I do see some signs of some type of pattern chance as we get near early February, but I am not ready to commit to anything just yet.


Anonymous 8:14 AM  

This winter is turning into a real stinker!!! So much for snow this year.

Anonymous 9:45 AM  

Dear Anonymous at 8:14AM post:

Well, lack of snow isn't just here in the Carolinas... seems the whole USA hasn't seen much snow this season. We still have rest of Jan and Feb to go through - maybe the pattern might change then? Also, I thought the T-storms last night was a bit unusual for January - almost made me think if we are in Florida?

Matthew East 4:36 AM  

Yeah, with the storms rumbling around, it almost felt like a Summer evening.

There is still some good potential for a pattern change towel throwing just yet.

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