Cold front sliding through...

>> Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our next cold front is pressing through the region today, and a quick-hitting band of showers will accompany it in some spots. Our highs will occur in many areas around lunchtime with slowly falling temps thereafter.

Lows tonight will wind up well down into the 30s with highs tomorrow only in the low and mid 50s. Lows Saturday morning will be sub-freezing in most spots in the region.

Temps will rebound quickly through the weekend with some highs returning to the lower 70s in some spots Monday. There is then lots of uncertainty regarding the timing of the cold front next week.....see the video for more.


See the video for more on this as well.....there are signs of some high-latitude blocking setting up by later next week. If that occurs, it would likely usher some big-time cold into North America later this month. When and if it would make it here remains a question mark, but the week of Thanksgiving or the week after are possibilities.


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