More showers and storms...

>> Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shower and storm chances will continue to highlight the forecast, at least through tomorrow. We remain in an extremely moist, soupy airmass, and any little disturbance that ripples along will kick of some showers and storms.

The period featuring the most extensive rains could be tonight, and I will have to maintain good shower and storm chances right through tomorrow as well.

Some drier air will try to east into parts of the region from the west this weekend, but I am not sold as to how far it makes it in. So, for the time being, I will maintain the chance of a loose shower or storm each day through Tuesday.


No big changes here. The modeling is in better agreement this morning, mainly indicating that Ophelia should track a little north of the northeast Caribbean islands. While the steering currents could relax as the system gets east of the Bahamas, I still think the most likely eventual scenario is a recurve prior to threatening the US.

Billingsville Elementary...

I had a great time speaking to some students at Billingsville Elementary yesterday. They were a fantastic group, and they knew their weather!


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