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>> Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Wednesday will still be fairly hot with 90s for highs across the region. However, drier air is already moving in, and humidity levels should be quite low this afternoon. Look for lots of sun through the day as well.

A couple of pieces of upper level energy will ripple through the region tomorrow and Friday, and I will word in the chance of a few showers and storms accordingly. Beginning tomorrow, highs in many spots will remain below the 90 degree mark on most days through the next week or so.

A stronger cold front will move through this weekend. Along with the front will come good shower and storm chances, especially late Saturday through Sunday.

Behind the front, a delightful airmass will settle in Monday through Wednesday or so of next week. I would not be at all surprised if a few of the traditionally cooler Piedmont spots managed to dip into the upper 50s for lows by Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

See the video for some thoughts on what might be brewing in the tropics...


DHaley 8:13 AM  

I must admit that I am loving the thought of a little cooler weather... not ready for fall, but a few days of tempered heat will be quite nice!

DoubleJ 12:12 PM  

I have to second that first comment, a little cooler weather will be welcome around here.

Anonymous 2:00 PM  

I think we all can use a break from the heat & humidity. It's been a hot summer so far. Not sure whether it's been hotter than last summer? We are just around the mid-Aug mark, meaning summer is starting to wind down and soon we'll be transitioning to autumn.


Matthew East 6:50 PM  

Yeah, we will gradually begin the step-down to fall. Normally by the end of August, we have a pretty good shot of cooler air try to make it in here. Looking forward to the cooler temps for sure.

I will have to pull up the numbers, but around here, I know one thing that distinguishes this Summer is the oppressive humidity that has been a mainstay.

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