An unsettled forecast...

>> Tuesday, July 05, 2011

We saw an active round of showers and storms roll through the region later in the day for Independence Day and into the evening. We were able to get in many of the fireworks displays just after the storms departed, but around the RDU area, no such luck with the later arrival of the storms.

The weather setup for us will remain largely unchanged for the next several days. We will remain in a very soupy airmass, and as we heat this airmass up each day, look for a healthy coverage of afternoon and evening showers and storms.

Later this weekend into early next week, the coverage of storms will decrease, and the highs will increase.


No immediate problems, but there is a flare-up of storms around the Bahamas that we will keep an eye on. The NAM model tries to organize this over the next couple of days as it moves to the northwest, but that looks fairly unlikely.


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