Interesting forecast today...

>> Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little meso-low has formed and is driving the activity crossing northern Georgia into western South Carolina as of 9am. If that feature can maintain itself, we might wind up with more in the way of showers and storms into the Upstate and Piedmont regions than most modeling indicated, at least across SC and southern-most NC. We will see.

Most dewpoints in the Piedmont are in the 60s, and instability levels are climbing. While all of the synoptic scale (large scale) dynamics are pulling away well to the north, smaller-scale feature, such as that meso-low, can play a huge role, and often times play a role that the models cannot envision.

So, we will see how things unfold today. I imagine a few severe thunderstorm warnings might be required somewhere around the region if things do pop.

This morning's video is below....


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