Drying out today....tropical rains arrive tomorrow...

>> Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday and Monday were indeed wet periods across the entire region. For the Piedmont, many spots received a nice 2-4" of rain during that 48 hour stretch. The rain amounts really ramped up as you head eastward though. Wilmington was absolutely slammed with rain....totals in that area approached 11 inches!

The upper air low that pulled all of the rain in there is rapidly lifting northeastward away from our area. On the south side of the system, drier air is working in, and that will result in a good deal of sun today with highs in the mid to upper 70s.

The weather will then sharply change again. Unsettled weather in the western Caribbean Sea (which might get classified as a tropical system) will get picked up by another strong upper level system diving our way, and the result will be tropical rains spreading into the region tomorrow, tomorrow night, and into Thursday morning.

Rainfall amounts are tricky with this one. There will likely be a pretty sharp gradient in the rainfall totals from west to east, and again, I fully expect the Coastal Plain to get hammered with big rain totals. The rain totals for the Piedmont amongst the various computer models rain from less than an inch to over 4 inches or more....it all depends on exactly how the slug of tropical moisture moves through the region.

Once that system departs later Thursday, cool, dry weather will try to settle in for the weekend. In fact, Piedmont spots could very well see some upper 60s for highs and some 40s for lows by early next week!


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