Terrific weather!

>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

After a frost start to the day today, we are enjoying fantastic weather through Thursday. But, showers and possibly some storms will roll through later Friday into Saturday.


Anonymous 4:41 PM  

Hey Matthew, I was wondering when
you think it's gonna get cold again?


Anonymous 7:55 AM  

Hey Matt, thanks for the winter outlook! A question I had though was about the storm track. Some blogs have said that the storm track this winter would be southernly; across the gulf states and up the east coast. Less App runners and great lake clippers. Is there anything you've seen to support where the storm track would be this winter? To me that's the most important thing. If we're always on the warm side of the storm, we'll never get the important ingredients together (cold and wet) for snow; no matter what the "averages" are. What do you think? Thanks!


Justin 4:35 PM  

Thanks for the winter outlook, hope it plays out!!!

Justin 9:08 AM  

I just issued my winter forecast on my website StatesvilleNCWeather.webs.com If you get a chance to look at it I would greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks! Also, a video is on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRI5vzjLM44

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