Beautiful weather....watching Erika

>> Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fantastic weather continues...I discuss that, our holiday weekend weather, plus a lot of Erika talk in the video today....

Everyone was well down into the 50s this morning, and we have another great day on tap today. If you liked the weather yesterday, you will like today as well with lots of sun, low humidity, and highs in the upper 70s. A few more clouds will be with us tomorrow, but overall more of the same with upper 70s for highs.

For the upcoming holiday weekend, highs will warm into the low to mid 80s, but conditions still look dry. We will being back in a chance of some rain by Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.


Tropical Storm Erika is a struggling tropical storm this morning.....its battle is with dry air. However, Erika should continue to fight that battle and could become a hurricane at some point over the next several days. It looks like the system will be in or near the Bahamas later in the weekend. After that, all options are on the table, and all interests from Florida up the Eastern Seaboard need to watch it closely.


Tarheelhombre 10:36 PM  

Now that meteorological Autumn has begun, let's look back at Summer 2009.

At Charlotte (CLT):

Highest Temp: 96 (August 10, 11)
Lowest Temp: 57
Coolest Maximum: 74 (August 31)
Warmest Minimum: 73 (July 6)
First 90 Degree Day: June 20
June 90 Degree Days: 7
July 90 Degree Days: 8
August 90 Degree Days: 12
Total 90 Degree Days: 27
Number of Heat Waves: 4
Longest Streak of Consecutive 90 Degree Days: 5 days (August 18-22)
Number of days to reach 95 Degrees: 4
June Actual Month Total: 4.74 Normal month total: 3.42
July Precip: Actual Month Total: 4.69 Normal month total: 3.79
August Precip To date: 1.04 Normal to date: 3.45 Normal month total: 3.72

Matthew East 5:41 AM  

Not bad at all....I will take it.

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