Showers and storms creeping back in

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video.

A big outbreak of severe weather occurred over the past 24 hours in the Midwest and Plains states. See the video above for some more info on that.

The cold front that helped trigger those thunderstorms is easing toward our area as it weakens. Conditions will be a little warmer and a little muggier today, and that will give us a chance of a few isolated showers or storms this afternoon. Highs will be in the upper 70s to lower 80s.

The chance of some showers and storms will be higher tomorrow afternoon with highs in the low to mid 80s.

Saturday still looks to have at least some chance of a few PM storms, but a strong cold front will sweep through Sunday bringing a healthy round of rain and storms to the Carolinas.

The GFS is back to its solution a couple of days ago in indicating a strong wedge event unfolding Monday. At times this solution has had support from other models as well. With this morning's forecast package, I will mention a lot of clouds Monday with some showers possible and highs in the lower 60s.

There still looks to be some chance of some type of hybrid low pressure area developing off of the Southeast coast next week. That remains a question mark....again, see the video above for more on that.

On another note, as many of you know, I am a big sports fan. Hockey is one of my favorites, and there is nothing quite like playoff hockey. And as special as playoff hockey is, nothing beats a Game 7. And tonight we have two of them.

I have been a fan of the Red Wings for a long, long time. So I will be watching with interest their Game 7 with Anaheim. I have also grown to like the Hurricanes a good deal as well....they will play Boston in a Game 7 tonight.

So, I have the chance to be very pleased or disappointed this time tomorrow....we will see.


Anonymous 5:13 PM  

is sunday looking to be an outbreak like what we had last week?

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