Here comes the cold....

>> Thursday, January 15, 2009

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video.

The arctic outbreak, that we have been discussing for quite a while, is indeed moving in today. High temps will be in the mid 30s for most today, and those highs will occur by early afternoon. Temps will drop by late afternoon, and by tomorrow morning we will be in the low to mid teens here in the Piedmont.

Tomorrow, despite a sunny sky, high temps will only be in the mid to possibly upper 20s. Then, we will see even colder low temperatures Saturday morning. If the sky stays clear and the wind very light (at this point it appears that will happen), then many folks will likely dip into the single digits. Highs then on Saturday will likely not make it above freezing in many Piedmont locations.

Folks, this is serious cold. Check on anyone you know that might not have access to heat. Wrap up any exposed pipes, and leave you faucets dripping inside. And certainly don't leave any pets outside.

I have left in the chance of some light snow in Sunday's forecast, and it still looks like a few flakes are possible on Monday and/or Tuesday. At this point, this still does not look like anything significant, but it bears watching.

Temps will modify a bit later next work week, but I think we will see another push of colder air move in by the following weekend.

See the video above for lots of good info...


Anonymous 11:36 AM  

Is it just me or does the 12Z GFS bring in even more QPF for us Sunday night? It looked like a dark green .25 to .50 liquid equivalent for Charlotte. That's at least a 1-3 inches event isn't it (more if it were the .50)? Does the EURO support that? It seems like a Sunday night snow event is trending more and more likely.....even to me, and I'm the biggest pessimist. I'm doubting myself right now even as I type this comment. Thoughts?


junior weather man 4:01 PM  

HEY, howz the family doing? BUNDLE UP-ITS GONNA GET COLD!!!! i had a question or so for you-i was wondering if the models are trending to ANY accumulation amounts? PLEASE, if you can respond back. Thanks for all you do!

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