Falling temps...

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lots and lots to talk about in the weather....I encourage you to watch the Carolina Weather Video above...good stuff today.

Let's hit the highlights....

- Temps drop today as a wedge sets up. Look for lots of clouds, light rain, drizzle, and fog today and tonight.

- The wedge will scour out tomorrow, but how quickly is a good question.....always tricky forecasts around here.

- It looks like another wedge could briefly set up Thursday.

- Friday still looks pretty warm with highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s.

- A storm system moves through this weekend bringing some rain chances later Saturday and Sunday. Cold air will try to push in from the north Saturday night into early Sunday, so folks near the Virginia border might need to keep a watch out for ice concerns. But the system looks like mainly rain right now.

- A very cold blast of air will arrive by Monday and last through at least Christmas Eve. This will be a significant shot of cold air.


Anonymous 4:15 PM  

matthew, so the concern is NOT severe this weekend? correct?

Matthew East 6:34 PM  


Anonymous 9:44 PM  

Have you seeen the 18z gfs for christmas eve night and christmas!?!? Look at it, look at itttt! snow!

Matthew East 5:06 AM  

Yep...I saw that. 0z still has the system, but a bit warmer....mainly rain.

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