Improving Conditions....Tropical Mischief....

>> Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video....give it a look....a lot on the forecasting table today.

The coastal low that has been really battering the Outer Banks will slowly pull away today. That will mean improvement in our weather with some sun trying to work in with time today. Highs today will be in the 60s.

We will see lots of sunshine tomorrow and Friday as highs surge into the 70s. However, we will see a cold front drop through Friday night and change us back to cooler weather over the weekend.

The storm track looks to get pretty active next week. One system will move through and bring some shower chances Tuesday or Wednesday, and it looks like another system, probably a stronger one, will move through to end the week.


Sure looks like we have a tropical depression forming in the Caribbean Sea. Most modeling indicates strengthening of this system, and some even bring it to hurricane status.

Whatever does develop has two track options. Number 1, the trough swinging into the eastern US this weekend picks is up and pulls it across Cuba and the Bahamas this weekend. Option number 2 is the weekend trough misses is, and the system meanders around the western Caribbean until early next week. From there, it would probably get picked up ahead of the trough later next week.

See the weather video above for some additional information....


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