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>> Friday, August 01, 2008

Fairly hot this afternoon, but dewpoints are lower today than in recent days, making it a little more tolerable.

A disturbance will swing through Saturday afternoon and evening. To me, this has the look of a system that brings through some low-topped, gusty wind-producing thunderstorms. So, we will be keeping an eye on that potential tomorrow afternoon and evening.

It will stay pretty hot into next week. In fact, I anticipate mid to possibly even some upper 90s Tuesday and Wednesday. Our next shot of some rain and storms will then roll in later Wednesday and Thursday.

On another note, we have wrapped up Jayden's swimming lessons. This morning, they had sort of a pool party where the families could swim with the kids. They had snacks afterwards. I can tell I am getting older....mixing Doritos, Oatmeal Cream pies, goldfish, chocolate chip cookies, and cups of ice cream in my stomach late in the morning didn't feel so good.


Anonymous 7:12 PM  

Do you think tomorrows going to be a widespread big deal severe thing? or scatterted storms with one or two severe storms?

Matthew East 8:01 PM  

The overall set-up is not one of a classic severe weather outbreak. It looks like something where we could have some sporadic wind damage....we will see.

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